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wall mounted and mobile boards, articles for visual communication, stationery products
- worldwide distribution -

Discover possibilities

MemoBe is a brand whose idea is to discover the possibilities its range offers users - including visual communication products such as whiteboards, various types of markers and other office supplies. It was created for creative, courageous people who love change and see the possibility of expressing themselves in seemingly standard products.

Polish production

MemoBe is a brand that manufactures its products in Krakow. This allows the company to ensure the highest quality and support for the local community. Although the brand itself was only founded in 2020 (formerly Memoboards), it has three decades of experience and millions of boards that have found their place throughout Europe and beyond.
visual communication and interior design
- worldwide distribution -

Everything starts with the idea

MemoBe idea products are designed to be widely available and not to harm the environment. We make sure that all the materials we use come from natural, socially responsible sources and are easily recyclable. This applies to both our products and their packaging. Furthermore, our boards are adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.
crayons, pencils, paints, brushes, felt-tip pens, pastels, plasticine, glues and other school supplies
- worldwide distribution -

For young artists

CRICCO is a European brand of high-quality pencils and art supplies for young artists. Our products are created on the basis of many years of experience in school and art education. We create for children with the knowledge of their needs and preferences. We pay attention to the smallest details of our products to meet the expectations of our young customers, whom we take very seriously.
coloured pencils, pencils, ballpoint pens and fountain pens, fineliners, highlighters, felt-tip pens, paints, writing and art accessories
- Polish distribution only -

World leader

Faber-Castell is one of the largest producers of the best quality writing, drawing and painting products in the world. Annually it sells more than 2 billion pencils and crayons, claiming to be one of the leaders in the manufacture of crayons and pencils in the world!
The brand is represented in 120 countries and 20 distributors worldwide.
Founded in 1761, Faber-Castell has remained in the hands of the same family for 9 generations. From a small craft company it has developed into an international group with manufacturing facilities in 9 countries around the world, employing around 8000 people.

over 260 years of history

As the oldest and the largest office- and school supplies producer in the world, the Faber-Castell brand is highly respected. The Company pays great attention to the highest quality of their products; therefore, during the production process, only the top-quality raw materials are used and each product has to pass the quality control before launching it to the market.

A partner for life

The Faber-Castell has been accompanying its consumers almost since birth through the products of the Playing & Learning group. Faber-Castell has gained recognition in the office market with the innovative GRIP series, featuring triangular shape and patented GRIP. Art & Graphic Art assortment guarantees professional quality that meets the expectations of the most demanding clients. The elegant design of the Design series is a kind of Faber-Castell showcase, full of quintessential style and elegance.
fountain pens, rollers, pens, pencils, inks, leather accessories
- Polish distribution only -

Exclusive line

The company was founded in 1761, and from the mid-19th century developed into the major manufacturer of wood-cased pencils, both graphite and colour. Baron Lothar von Faber turned the humble pencil into the world‘s first brand-name writing implement.
The Faber-Castell company takes its name from Ottilie von Faber’s marriage in 1898 to Count Alexander zu Castell-Rüdenhausen, a scion of one of the oldest noble families in Germany.
“Inspired by selected writing instruments produced by my ancestors, I saw it as a personal challenge to rediscover these products of a past age, and to bring them up to date with timeless design and the use of modern technology”. This idea took shape as the Graf von Faber-Castell Collection.
office, packaging, assembly and repair tapes, adhesives, correctors, self-adhesive flakes and patches and other adhesive solutions
- Polish distribution only -

Over 6,000 solutions

tesa SE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive products and systems solutions for industry, commerce and individual consumers. 125 years of industry experience and a continuous focus on innovation have led tesa® to the top of the global market.
More than 6000 products designed and manufactured by tesa® are sold in more than 100 countries. The company obtains more than three quarters of its total revenue from the sale of special system solutions to industrial customers and in many industries guarantees cost reductions, process optimization and, as a result, improvement of end-products.
notebooks, calendars, bullet journals, diaries, pens
- Polish distribution only -

Attention to every detail

Founded in the year 1917, LEUCHTTURM can now look back on over 100 years of experience in the manufacture of high-quality stationery.
The family firm is now in its fourth generation, with Axel and Max Stürken managing this Hanseatic company since the 90s. We are guided by the idea of producing well thought-out notebooks and planners which meet our customers’ high standards of quality and are a pleasure to use. When developing our products, we pay attention to every detail – because details make the difference.

Characterised by a love of the product, functional details, outstanding quality and a wide range of colours, what LEUCHTTURM1917 stands for – above all – is a clear design language, which has won many awards.
At LEUCHTTURM1917 we are led by a our conviction: thoughts grow into words, sentences and pictures. Memories become stories. Ideas are transformed into projects. Notes inspire insight. We write and understand, learn, see and think – with the hand.
staplers, hole punches, staple removers, staples, hand staplers
- Polish distribution only -

German engineering

Ergonomic, high-quality and long-lasting office products to make the everyday work routine easier: staplers and perforators from Novus are innovative and invaluable quality products that give you maximum support in your office work.
Novus and Dahle are parts of the emco Group. Employing over 1,200 members of staff world-wide, the Group’s companies hold a prominent position in various market segments: alongside the Novus and Dahle premium worklife brands, products from emco are synonymous with outstanding product competence and expertise for the architecture- and mobility segments.
shredders, guillotines, trimmers, scissors, electric sharpeners, paper cutters, cutting mats, laminators and laminating films
- Polish distribution only -

When quality matters

Dahle is a German manufacturer of the high quality office equipment and accessories for cutting various materials. Many years of experience, huge expertise and innovative creativity – this is the recipe for the highest quality Dahle products. By creating intelligent solutions for modern office, Dahle offers its customers superior performance and safety without compromise. 
For Dahle, human is always at the first place and is always the source of inspiration to create and optimize the highest quality of products.
glues for home, hobby, and professional use, adhesive tapes, and correction fluids
- Polish distribution only -

Glues everything anytime

The UHU brand specialises in the production of glues: for paper, universal adhesives and for professional use. The UHU range covers the needs of the consumer market in various areas: Pre-school, school, household, office, DIY, repair and renovation needs. UHU products are known for their high quality and adhesive effectiveness. The manufacturer introduces innovations, limited editions and improved adhesive formulations every year and subjects all products to rigorous testing.
presentation and information systems, products for the organization, protection and archiving of data, identifiers, space marking, products supporting Lean Management
- Polish distribution only -

Formerly Tarifold and 3L

Meet Djois! A new, unique brand from the T3L Group. Modern, short and positive, it combines the 3L and Tarifold brands into a coherent whole. Djois is the quintessence of the T3L Group brands. Its heart is green, focused on development and commitment to ecology. It addresses the environment in a different, more emotional way. Its aim is to provide solutions for active people, to facilitate the achievement of set goals and to remove obstacles wherever they occur. It enables its users to unleash their creativity and motivates them to become active in even the most prosaic tasks. It makes you want to go one step further! That is why the Djois logo is complemented by three words: made to make.
calculators, desk lamps, wall clocks, hangers
- Polish distribution only -

To make work enjoyable

Maul is a family business that is currently managed by the 4th generation since 1912. It has always focused on high innovation and is thus one of the market leaders in Europe. Maul creates intelligent solutions for new working environments and supports productivity, creativity and mobility with its products.
Since August 2021, Maul has been certified according to ISO 14001:2015, demonstrating its commitment to environmental protection and sustainability. Maul is a brand that cares about its customers and offers them products that are not only functional but also aesthetic.
sharpeners, drawing supplies, brushes, erasers
- Polish distribution only -

German steel

KUM GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1919. Today KUM is a world’s leading manufacturer of the wide range of patented pencil sharpeners that supplies to over 60 countries. KUM offers over 100 different models for sharpening both ordinary pencils and crayons of unusual size. Advanced technology allows not only to produce the standard product lines, but also the special pens for Stickformer cosmetic pencils, which form a unique rounded tip.
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