Tarifold’s success story began in France in 1954. From the outset, the company’s idea was to create the products to ​​organize, present and secure information materials through specially designed display panels. It met with a very positive response from customers. Over the years there has been a dynamic increase in sales and expansion of the outlets, giving consumers around the world the chance to discover products that have been up-to-date with design, simplicity and ease of use. Patented innovative Tarifold solutions and a 10-year guarantee give these products significant competitive advantage in the market. Tarifold constantly puts a great emphasis on values ​​such as quality, customer service and product innovation. As a result, the company continues to grow, gaining more and more satisfied customers in more than 45 countries around the world. The Tarifold display, Tarifold view and Tarifold collection offer you all sorts of document presentation and organization systems.

Since January 2010 Tarifold has been operating under the T3L consortium, which also owns the company and the 3L brand.


Group of products:

  • presenting units
  • presenting systems
  • ID tags
  • document pockets
  • foils
  • self-adhesive floor signs
  • briefcases
  • folders
  • presenting folders