edding Company was founded in Germany in 1960, when its founders (Edding and Ledermann) started the markers production. The first, legendary product today – the “versatile edding No 1 marker” – became the forerunner of the entire generation of markers of various uses. The company has been growing dynamically. edding has oppened its subsidiaries in England and Japan and in 1986 it was transformed into a joint-stock company and entered the stock exchange.

edding currently employs over six hundred employees. Production of markers and brand pens is at the level of 200 million pieces per year. Edding International GmbH sells its products to 70 countries around the world. Stationery items include: markers of all kinds, pens, fineliners, etc.


Group of products:

  • permanent markers
  • paint markers
  • flipchart markers
  • dry-erase markers
  • multimarks
  • markers for special purposes
  • textmarkers
  • chalk markers
  • laundry markers
  • decoration markers
  • fineliners
  • correction pens and ink erasers
  • Funtastics line
  • inks and accesories