Memoboards changes into MemoBe

Till yesterday – Memoboards, today – MemoBe. We are pleased to announce the launch of a new brand, which, based on 25 years of experience from Memoboards, had its premiere at the International Paperworld Trade Fair – Europe’s leading school and office industry trade fair.

MemoBe is not just a new logo, a new name. MemoBe is a kind of manifesto, a call to action to discover yourself, to overcome barriers, to enjoy the action.

We are expanding our horizons and competences, and parallelly – our offer. MemoBe is no longer just boards, it is a range of products that will facilitate your communication with both loved ones and with your business partners. These are tools that support you in developing yourself, your interests, passions, but also your business. It is important that the means you use do not constitute any further restrictions for you, but are support and motivation.