Products for left-handed: a fad or significant support?


According to statistics, approximately 10% of the population uses the left hand more efficiently than the right one. This is due to the stronger development of the right hemisphere of the brain, which in turn is caused by genetics. The tendency to left-handedness appears in the infancy period, and lasts more or less until the second year of life. Until recently, there was a strong conviction in society that it was necessary to fight this “difference” because it is a manifestation of perversity, but more and more parents allow their children to use this hand, which is easier for them to eat or write.

Most everyday objects are adapted to the right-handed: knives (blades profiled at the right angle for right-handers), dessert forks (with a notch for cutting the cake placed on the left), bags with a zip (fastened to the right), mobile phones (with a microphone positioned so that by holding the phone at the right ear, get the best possible sound quality) and many more. Due to the fact that it gradually moves away from “straightening out” left-handedness, more and more manufacturers are introducing in their offers the products that are dedicated to people with a dominant left hand. This is especially important in the case of school articles for children who are just practicing their hands by drawing, writing and performing various types of manual work. The most popular “lefty” product today is the fountain pen. Not everyone is aware that it is much harder to write with left hand, because instead of pulling a pen on a paper surface, they have to push it, thus smearing freshly what the ink left on the paper.

Who of us, left-handed, did not meet at least once with the problem of a dirty small and / or ring finger after taking more notes, or with smudged ink, which did not manage to dry out yet, and we already rubbed it with a handwriting? In our offer, the recommended model is Scribolino by Faber-Castell [149817 FC, 149848 FC, 149849 FC, 149861 FC] with a specially contoured handle and nib, which allow for comfortable quotation at the right angle without the risk of smudging. Thanks to this product children will learn how to write and draw, and adults will forget about stubborn stains on their left hand … Another product dedicated to left-handed people are scissors. At first glance, all scissors look similar – two blades and two handles in an oval shape.


The stairs begin when the handles are profiled – usually adjusted to the right hand. Cutting with such scissors is quite uncomfortable, because the fingers do not fit in the bottom handle or they do not fit properly. Instead of focusing on an even cut, we think that the scissors hurt our hand. It is worth to reach for scissors dedicated for left-handed ones, which profiled handles ensure comfort and precision when cutting even the most complicated details. Most models are under the Dahle brand:



Comfort-Grip scissors with soft grips [54418-12974 DA]






profiled scissors with rounded ends [54615-21437 DA / 54659-07624 DA yellow-red]






Eco scissors 21 cm [54618-20122 DA]




Among the left-handed school accessories there are also lines and sharpeners that allow for a more natural and ergonomic use of them. The scale in the ruler, for example, is decreasing, and it is for this purpose that by drawing a straight line you can effortlessly “pull” a pencil on paper, instead of pushing. At this point, we offer the KUM L1 / Lefty model.

In turn, in sharpeners, the blade is mounted on the other side, to make pencil sharpening easier by turnning it “outside”, not “towards yourself”, which is more energy-intensive. An excellent solution for left-handers are here 410K Lefty and Click-Clack Left from KUM.

There are many more examples of items for left-handed people. We only want to signal to you that if you or someone close to you prefer to do most things with your left hand (not the right one), then you can do it in a much more convenient way – choose products tailored to your preferences and enjoy the comfort of using them!